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Here I was, becoming a dad when I still listened to punk rock and dressed like a middle-school skate kid. This guy! But it happens to the majority of us, and I embraced the idea with as much enthusiasm as I could muster. I was excited, and I got involved in prepping for the inevitable arrival of our mini! In the quest to clothe this amazing bundle of giggles and screams, I ran into every dad's worst nightmare... pastels, lace, and generic catch-phrases. So I started searching out hip styles for my new little human. Who knew it would be such a task? So I thought to myself, "I bet I could start a place that pulls all the great stuff out there together for new parents like me that want a lot of unique things, but don't want to have to go to 50 different places to find it." Baby Ink is here because we all grow up and have kids, but we don't have to be boring when it happens. ~ Toby


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